正确培养觉性,三年便能证果 Developing Awareness In The Right Wa

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  Part 2: Walking The Path 第2篇:行道

  2-1. Taking a Shortcut 直取快捷方式

  2-1-4. Developing Awareness In The Right Way Will Yield Results Within Three Years正确培养觉性,三年便能证果

  It says in the scriptures that whoever develops the four SATIPATTHANA in the right way and as continuous as links in a chain, will receive one of the following two results: at most, within seven years, medium within months or as fast as one-tofifteen days to become one; an Arahant or two; an Anagami (i.e. one who is nearly fully enlightened) in this very life.

  经典上说:任何正确修学四种念住并且达到正念持续如炼的人,他这一生中只需最多七年、中等的七个月之内或最快1至15天之内,便会得下列两种成果之一:1. 成为阿罗汉;2. 成为阿那含Anagami(接近完全觉悟者)。

  As for the way of developing awareness that I'm talking about, if you really do it, knowledge and understanding will arise, and suffering will diminish, at most within three years, medium within one year, or as fast as one-to-ninety days. We will know, see and understand, and our life from then onwards will have happiness and no suffering. To practice like this, we don't have to spend money; we can do it an hour a day, or 5 minutes. Even hearing about it often makes the defilements gradually diminish.


  Greed, hatred and delusion are evil; they are suffering. To get angry once is evil and is suffering one time. Evil and darkness are the same. Darkness means not seeing, not knowing, not understanding. Merit and knowledge are the same. When we understand, we are at ease, we don't have suffering and we don't doubt. If the mind is dark, there is suffering and doubt. For example, doubt that we're going to be reborn like this and like that after death. But some people, including myself, who have made merit, been generous, kept precepts and practiced tranquility-meditation, still doubt about merit and demerit, about falling into hell or going up to heaven after death. They don't understand at that time. The Buddha teaches that heaven is in the heart, hell is in the mind; and Nibbana also is in the mind. Our grandparents use to tell us this, be we didn't reflect on it, so we didn't understand it.



  (We Have To Practice And Know For Ourselves我们必须修行而且自己亲知)

  Studying from scriptures is good, but it cannot solve suffering. Teachers teach that we should let go of greed, hatred and delusion; but they themselves can't let go of it. Teaching others is easy, but teaching oneself is hard. But this method of mine is not difficult. You don't have to study or learn anything. Being able to read and write or not is of no importance. Everyone can practice; men as well as women ordained or not ordained. We can all practice.


  There is only one Dhamma, not many kinds. To say that the Dhamma of a person who keeps five precepts is one thing, that the Dhamma of a person who keeps eight precepts is another thing, the Dhamma of an ordained person is another thing, the Dhamma of a lay-person is another thing, the Dhamma of a person who practices insight-meditation yet another thing. That is a different matter. That is not what I'm talking about. I say that there is only one Dhamma. Dhamma is to finish Lobha, Dosa & Moha. Doing this is what virtue and Dhamma are. It says in the scriptures that virtue is the means to eliminate course defilements, concentration is the means to eliminate medium defilements, and wisdom is the means to eliminate subtle defilements. But can we really eliminate them? No. Why not? Because we don't do it properly.


  The word defilement stands for greed, hatred and delusion but most of us understand it only as materialistic, that having money, a big house and a smart car is defilement. But in reality, those things are not defilements, they are just things that come from being diligent and knowing how to work, and from knowing how to save and accumulate things. But the defilements that I'm talking about are greed, hatred, delusion and sorrow. These defilements are not afraid of anyone, not of rich people, not of influential people, not even of monks ordained for a long time, with a title, are they afraid. They enter into everyone's mind.


  On speaking in another way, we could say that the defilements slap everyone's face. A wealthy person, on being told off a bit, is displeased. This shows that the defilements slap him or her in the face. Or when someone praises him or her, satisfaction arises. This is the defilements slapping his or her face. These defilements are not afraid of anyone at all. They are only afraid of those who are disciples of the Buddha, they are afraid of those who develop the four foundations of awareness in the right way; they are ashamed, they don't dare to come close, because that person has the eye to see the Dhamma, the wisdom to see clearly.


  Of the lay-people who have come here today, some people are still young, only twenty-to-thirty years old. If you develop awareness in the right way, within two or three years you will go beyond suffering; and during the remaining part of your life, you will just have happiness. Even older people fifty or sixty years old, are the same. Until you die your life will only have happiness. And when you die, you die without suffering. If you still have another nine or ten years to live, it will be nine or ten years without suffering, with only happiness and coolness of mind.


  This is the heartwood, the essence of Buddhism! The word Buddha means the one who knows, the awakened one, one who is joyful with Dhamma.


  I have shared some of my reflections and understanding. It is a shortcut to practicing Vipassana. It is instantaneous. Having listened, please practice with every breath, no matter where you are, whatever work you are engaged in. You can practice while washing clothes, doing the dishes, sweeping up, or working in the field. Vipassana is wisdom, it is life, it is virtue, it is the Dhamma, it is everything. It is the real life, it is the real Dhamma. May you understand it like this.




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